Since 1969, KEET-TV and 'Sesame Street' have used media to help children grow smarter, stronger and kinder. With your support, we can continue this mission for another 50 years.

Any amount is appreciated! For every $25 you donate, choose a wonderful 'Sesame Street' book to share with your loved ones.

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Oscar's Book

'Listen, I’m a grouch, and this is my book, and I don’t want you to read it.' Originally published in 1975, this book brilliantly brings to life Oscar’s grumpy personality through truly Oscar-esque dialogue and stunning illustrations.

The Monster at the End of This Book

Lovable, furry old Grover is distressed to learn that there's a monster at the end of this book! He begs readers not to turn the pages, but he is astonished to discover who is really the monster at the end of the book!

Another Monster at the End of This Book

Grover, now joined by Elmo, has heard there’s something lurking on the last page of the book. Grover tries all sorts of silly ways to stop readers from turning the page, but Elmo is too curious to be stopped!

The Monsters on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus song gets a uniquely 'Sesame' spin in this Little Golden Book. Elmo, Grover and Cookie Monster take a bus and meet some wacky passengers, including cows, a brass band and a family of yipping Martians.

Elmo's Little Dreidel

What's a dreidel? Elmo finds out as he celebrates the first night of Hanukkah with a friend's family. He learns to play the traditional Hanukkah spin-the-top game. At the end of the evening, Elmo gets his first Hanukkah gift—his very own dreidel!

Elmo's Merry Christmas/Oscar's Grouchy Christmas

Bah, humbug! and Merry Christmas! Oscar the Grouch and Elmo have slightly different feelings about Christmas! Share the holidays with both in this 2-in-1 storybook with 50+ stickers.

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